Is 2021 My Year?

The best place to start 2021 is at the end of 2020.

Wednesday 4th November 2020 was the upload date for my first ‘weekly vlog’ on YouTube. I’ve always loved editing videos which mainly started when I moved to Dubai and began travelling. I wanted everyone else to see what I seen instead of trying to tell the story but, with the way 2020 played out my little hobby that I loved so much came to an end once flights stopped and countries closed their borders. The hobby I loved got put on the back shelf while the world shut down. In a time were I needed the distraction from not being able to travel home and no end in sight, I will admit I gave up on more than one occasion.

2020 was hard on everyone in different ways but some people thrived from lockdown kick starting online businesses, taking up a Uni degree, giving themselves self love and care or even starting a YouTube channel.

Watching people become passionate about what they had created kick started me. It may of taken 7 or 8 months but everyone is different and I needed time to process and get my plan of action in place.

Fast forward to March of 2021 I was starting to love myself again, from vlogging my life to even starting up my new Instagram page about all things curly.

I have had a blog since before I moved to Dubai but, I wanted fresh start. I’m going to go throw my old blog posts and pick out the important parts from joining my company. The parts I don’t want to forget.

I understand my content is all over the place from life style vlogs, travelling with work and curly hair posts but its my safe space where I can let out my creative side.

My 2021 social media goals that I’m setting myself are:

  • Hit 1500 Subscribers on YouTube
  • Hit 1000 Followers on Instagram
  • Continue weekly vlogging and creating content I love
  • Post on my blog 1 or 2 times a month.

Being online is scary. You get judged either way, you cant make everyone happy but I love what I’m creating and want to continue showing you all the amazing places I go to (once counties open up again) and crazy things I get up to in my life.

One thought on “Is 2021 My Year?

  1. from a fellow colleague of yours, this inspired me so much for my own journey of learning to express myself however I want to, regardless of my fears. thanks Soph! always enjoying your videos, best of luck on everything that you put your heart into💫💜


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